"SAKAI MOTOKANE" Usuba Kitchen Knife, Shirogami steel no.2, 180mm~210mm

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars

  • Made in Japan! (At that famous Sakai) Handmade by Sakai Craftsman! For professional chef.
  • Single Bevel, For Right Hander (KATABA)
  • Thin Blade Good for Cutting Vegetables!
  • Blade Edge: Shirogami steel no.2 With wooden sheath
  • The best quality of Japanese knives
  • For Professionals
  • Shirogami Steel gets rust easily, so it needs maintenance.
  • Every Sakai knife is unique. The steel is forged by master blacksmiths which is then shaped and honed with great care to its specialized form.

What is JIZAKAI?

The “Jizakai” is a “proof of handmade craftsmanship.” There are only a few knife smiths in Sakai who can achieve the “optimal blade attachment.” Knives made from blade attachment have a “Jizakai,” a mark of the forge-welding between soft iron and steel. Occasionally, a slight gap can be seen in this Jizakai, but it is a “proof that the craftsman carefully forge-welded at low temperatures” to enhance the knife’s hardness.

As these are handmade items, the presence or absence of gaps may vary by product. Please purchase only if you understand this.



Becomes the base of a Japanese knife. It is made by forge welding iron and stee and is hammered many times during the process in order to temper it. 

Sharpening ( Hatsuke)

Wielding many kinds of whetstones and tools, and using water to prevent heat from friction, they follow many steps to create the edge.

Attaching the Handle (Etsuke)

This is the process of attaching the handle to the blade made by the blacksmith and hatuske-shi. There is craftsman specializing in making handles, creating a wide variety of handle.


Blade Length: about 180mm(7.1inch), Total Length: 318mm(12.5inch), Weight: about 173g(6.1oz)

Item no. 4580149741416


Blade Length: about 195mm(7.7inch), Total Length: 337mm(13.3inch), Weight: about 202g(7.1oz)

Item no. 4580149741423


Blade Length: about 210mm(8.3inch), Total Length: 356mm(14inch), Weight: about 254g(9oz)

Item no. 4580149741454

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