Doukan "Shozo" Weeding hoe (For one hand)

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  • Whole Length : 350mm (13.8inch), Blade length 80mm (3.2inch).
  • Weight : 185g (6.5oz).
  • Using flat blades and saw blades, uprooted and weeded with ideal angles and sharp jagged blades.
  • Shozo is high quality brand of Doukan.
  • Made in Japan.

About Doukan:

Edo Castle was built by Ota Doukan.

He was a famous general who had never been defeated.

He was also a master builder of castles, building several castles that threatened his enemies.

He was also an excellent educator, excelling with monks and cultural figures and singing poetry.

He has a different face and is known as a connoisseur of both arts and martial arts, because he studies hard every day, constantly absorbs knowledge, and unremittingly learns the spirit.

That artisans are constantly honing their skills, knowledge and spirit every day, just like road irrigation, they create the highest quality by putting the skills, experience and intuition they gain from them into their products.

That history with 57 years, since in 1965. We are not only protected the tradition and technology of Miki, the oldest blacksmith town in Japan, but also further studies and leads to the future.

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