Stainless Steel 150mm Deba Knife and Nylon Case set

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  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver Blade and Blue Case
  • Handle Material: Nylon
  • Deba Kitchen Knife Size: Whole Length atb. 290mm Blade Length abt.150mm Handle Length abt.15mm Weight abt. 265g    
  • Blade Material :AUS8, Single Bevel for Right Hander
  • Kitchen Knife Handle: Plywood
  • Case Size: Outside abt.320mm × abt.95mm, Inside abt.300mm × abt.75mm
  • Loop abt.40mm × 18mm, Weight 120g, Available up to 180mm blade Deba or Santoku, Made of Nylon and Artificial Leather Outside, Artificial and Synthetic Leather Inside
      Item no. 1112460