HONMAMON "SYOZO" Short Straight‐Bladed Knife 'Ikeuchi Shouzou' Kogatana

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★★ Two HONMAMON Stars (link)


Splendid Knife with hardness, toughness, sharpeness and durability.

Shozou Brand is loved by European (especially German) furniture upholsterer and violin makers.

This knife is for professionals.

Made by Ikeuchi Hamono.

Blade Material : Aogami Steel 2

Use : Wood craft

Single Bevel for Right Hander. 


How to open wooden case

You can see the mark on wooden case, like picture A keep the blade is outward.

Follow the picture A motion use thumb cross hold on the case and slide to open slowly.

The picture B is bad example, please don’t do it because it's easy to get hurt.

If you feel the wooden case so hard, you can tap lightly the wooden case and that will easy to open.


Size description for each one:


Total Length 205mm(10inch), Blade Length 50mm


Total Length 220mm(10inch), Blade Length 55mm


Total Length 255mm(10inch), Blade Length 60mm