”BANTO” Replacement Japanese Carbon Blade for Multi-brand Hand Plane

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Experience unparalleled durability and precise sharpening capabilities with our double-layered, laminated steel blade. Crafted from the impeccable Blue Paper no.1 Steel, this blade is reminiscent of a Japanese kitchen knife, delivering a razor-sharp edge and smooth vibration control. While maintenance is required, the exceptionally fine-grained steel ensures a long-lasting edge. Elevate your hand planning experience with this premium replacement blade.

Sharper Blades: Japanese blades are made from high-quality carbon steel, ensuring exceptional sharpness. They require less power to smooth uneven surfaces and correct wood warping.

Smooth Finish: A Japanese blade with a white and blue steel blade can produce fine shavings and leave a mirror-like smooth finish. Sanding may not be necessary after planning.

In summary, Japanese blade can offer superior sharpness, smoother finishes, and precise woodworking capabilities.

Let us assist you in creating a unique and bespoke hand plane blade. Simply provide us with the desired blade dimensions.

For example. 


           -Block Plane     - Bench Plane   - Jack Plane


           -Block Plane     - Bench Plane   - Jack Plane


           -Block Plane     - Bench Plane   - Jack Plane


           -Rabbet Plane   - Bench Plane   - Jack Plane                    


           -Scrub Plane     - Block Plane    - Jack Plane      - Bench Plane


           -Block Plane     - Smoothing Plane         -Jack Plane


           -Block Plane


           -Block Plane     - Smoothing Plane         -Jack Plane


TYS35mm x 2.5mm

Blade Size 35mm, Thickness: 2.5mm

Item no. 1118554

TYS35mm x 3.5mm

Blade Size 35mm, Thickness: 3.5mm

Item no. 1118559

TYS40mm x 2.5mm

Blade Size 40mm, Thickness: 2.5mm

Item no. 1118560

TYS40mm x 3.5mm

Blade Size 40mm, Thickness: 3.5mm

Item no. 1118555


Blade Size 50mm, Thickness: 2.5mm

Item no. 1118556

TY50mm x 3.5mm

Blade Size 50mm, Thickness: 3.5mm

Item no. 1118561

TY60mm x 2.5mm

Blade Size 60mm, Thickness: 2.5mm

Item no. 1118562

TY60mm x 3.5mm

Blade Size 60mm, Thickness: 3.5mm

Item no. 1118557

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