"OJIKA" Sickle 14.2" Aogami Steel Japanese Forestry Tools Double Bevel

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars (link)
  • Sickle (Nobori-Kama)excellent craftsmen made. Made in Japan. with Sack
  • Blade is thick. Usage like a hatchet can also be done.
  • Aogami Steel No. 2. Double Edge.
  • Total Length 360mm(14.2inch), Weight 470g(16.6oz), Length of a Blade approximately 160mm(6.3inch).
  • Lovers of Japanese Handmade Items to Gather! By hammering the materials, the craftsman changes its features! Come and get to see the miracles Japanese Craftsmen make!


It could have some small scratches, flaws or bent, but they are the proof of handmade! The product seems rougher than machine made ones, but the quality is great, which you cannot feel with machine made one! We do not recommend this for those who do not like small irregularities, as this is a handmade, it could have some.


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