"MOTOKANE" Kiritsuke Gyuto Kurouchi (Chef's Knife) Aogami no.1 Steel, 210mm~240mm

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars (link)

  • It is a knife blacksmith made by traditional forging style. 
  • Free Forging from Tosa Japan.
  • Aogami No.1 Steel is the good steel of Japan for professional knives. 
  • However, it gets rust easily, so it needs maintenance.
  • Edge of Blade: Aogami No.1 Steel. It contains high-Carbon. Hardness: around HRC62 +/- 1. 
  • Aogami Steel is very good for cutlery tools, because it can made sharp edge and a long lasting.
  • Cladding: Stainless Kurouchi.
  • Handle: Zelkova Octagonal.
  • Double Bevel. Available for both Right and Left Hander.
  • Made in Japan!
  • Handmade by Tosa, Echizen and Bansyu Craftsmen!
  • If you want to keep a knife sharp, you need use hard sharpening stone to maintain it.

What is kurouchi knife?

Kurouchi knives retain the scaly residue left from the forging process, meaning that the residue works as coating on the carbon steel to prevent from rust.

The finish of Kurouch reduces reactivity on carbon steel knives, and give the knife a very characterful, rustic aesthetic prized by many knife enthusiasts.

Kurouchi finishes varying widely in appearance, uniformity, and durability. Rarely do pictures do these finishes justice as they have a very complex look and feel to them.

Of course, you need to sharpen the edge every time after using it even if the Kurouchi coating works for the sides of blade.

TOSA traditional skill “Free Forging”

TOSA cutlery started from 1621, over 400 years ago. Forge to finished need many steps, all steps just made from one blacksmith. Easy to control every part and keep it free style to forging, because that’s made by same craftsman. So, that’s why call this skill to “Free Forging”.


With the sound of a violent blow sparks, the way thick steel is transformed into a kitchen knife in the blink of an eye is truly craftsmanship. By hitting it many times with a hammer and stretching it, impurities come out, by making the structure “dense”, it becomes a knife with high hardness and stickiness.

You can see the marks of the hammer that was struck up with a hammer, it has the characteristic of being handmade by craftsmen and resistant to rust compared to polished finishing.

KUROUCHI forging with different color for every cutlery. TOSA “KIYOKANE” and “MOTOKANE” with additional process of kurouchi knives. On every knife have different color.


This knife isn’t using press process and solvent to make the pattern of knife, The final pattern and color of knife just depend on oxide film by random. So, the one and only knives. 


So many situations can use that double bevel knife. Double bevel knife with more tough of edge than single bevel, and easily to handle, good for Japanese food and western food.


Because free forging, can be easy to innovation.
The knife is consistently performed by a single craftsman, without being bound by the framework of the process, so can continue to improve and evolve.

This knife isn’t mass production.

We are focus on the knife quality than productivity. You can feel the soul of craftsman. We recommend you use that for gift.




Blade Length about 210mm (8.27inch), Blade Height about 45mm (1.77inch), Total Length 365mm (14.4inch), Thickness of the spine about 2.5mm (0.1inch), Handle Length 140mm (5.5inch), Weight about 154g (5.43oz)

Item no. 4573200716003



Blade Length about 240mm (9.5inch), Blade Height about 46mm (1.8inch), Total Length 395mm (15.55inch), Thickness of the spine about 2.5mm (0.1inch), Handle Length 140mm (5.5inch), Weight about 180g (6.35oz)

Item no. 4573200716010

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