HONMAMON "AZUMASYUSAKU" Hunting Knife Carving of DRAGON 300mm, Japanese Outdoor Sword Type Knife

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars
  • Blade Length : 300mm(11.8inch), Whole Length : 450mm(17.7inch), Weight : 536g(19oz), Thickness : 5mm(0.2inch)
  • Length with Sheath : 472mm(18.6inch)
  • Blade Material : Aogami Steel 2, Double Bevel and Available for bothRight Hander and Left Hander
  • Made in Japan


This knife is made from Aogami steel from Shimane prefecture where high quality iron sand is found. The gray steel is sandwiched with ingot. This knife is handmade one at a time by the hands of our master knife maker. It is a premium knife created in the traditional way. If you've never used a quality handmade knife before, you will be amazed at just how well it cuts. This knife can be used for hunting and outdoor.