HONMAMON 'SAHO' Gardening/Pruning Shears 225mm(8.6") with 'HANAKUMAGAWA' Leather Case, Japan

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars (link)
  • Made in Japan! For Professionals.
  • Japanese Craftsmen Handmade in a Traditional Japanese Way.
  • Shears * Whole Length : 225mm(8.6"), Blade Length : 85mm(3.3"), Weight : 290g(10.2oz)
  • Blade Material : Aogami Steel.
  • Case * Size : 260mm(10.2inch)[H] ÁE 145mm(5.5inch)[W]

Shears *For Right Hander. Cut so Well!  Leather Case * A high-quality Leather Case! Very Tough! For Blade Length up to about 10.6cm (4.2inch)