HONMAMON "MOTOKANE" Funayuki Kurouchi Aogami Steel No.1, 165mm, Tosa type

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars

  • Made in Japan! (Tosa) Kurouchi! Double Bevel and Available for Both Right Hander and Left Hander.
  • Handmade by Tosa Craftsmen with Japanese Traditional Techniques! Rough Appearance, but you can feel Tosa Craftsmen Spirits!
  • Blade Length : 165mm(6.5inch), Whole Length : 300mm(11.8inch), Weight : about 115g(4.1oz)
  • Edge of Blade : That famous "Aogami Steel No.1"! Hardness : around HRC61 +/- 1
  • Used by Fishermen! Good to use on Boats!