HONMAMON "HANAKUMAGAWA" Small Bud-Cutting Shears 170mm for Bonsai, Pruning, Handmade

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  • Made in Japan! For Bonsai, Pruning and Trimming!
  • Handmade by Japanese Craftsmen with Traditional Japanese Techniques!
  • Blade material: Carbon steel, Cut Well and Tough!
  • One Hand Pruning Shears for Fruits Thining and Flowers Thining!
  • Whole Length : about 170mm(6.7inch), Blade Length : about 50mm(2.0inch), Weight : about 155g(5.5oz)


Double bevel. As it is a small (the handle fits in your palm) and light, it is easy to handle and you will not get tiered from even long works. As for the scissors, all processes are made by a Japanese craftsman. whole bodies of scissors were heat treated. This special process manufacturing adds extra strength and durability.