HONMAMON "AZUMASYUSAKU" Polished Hatchet (Outdoor Knife), Blade Edge : Aogami Steel No. 2, Double Bevel, Made in Tosa, Japan

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・Made in Japan! (Tosa: The Center of Hatchet Production in Japan)
  • Blade Edge : That famous Aogami Steel No. 2, Cut So Well and Tough.
  • Double Bevel, Available for both Right and Left Hander.
  • With Unique Sheath.
  •  〈180mm〉
  • Blade Length : about 180mm(7.1inch), Whole Length : about 360mm(14.1inch), Hatchet Weight : about 390g(13.8oz), Weight With Sheath : about 570g(20.1oz)
  • 〈210mm〉
  • Blade Length : about 210mm(8.3inch), Whole Length : about 395mm(15.6inch), Hatchet Weight : about 450g(15.9oz), Weight With Sheath : about 630g(22.2oz)
  • 〈240mm〉
  •  Blade Length : about 240mm(9.4inch), Whole Length : about 450mm(17.7inch), Hatchet Weight : about 520g(18.3oz), Weight With Sheath : about 710g(25.0oz)