"AZUMASYUSAKU" Hatchet for Bamboo Chopping with Case, Blade Edge : Aogami Steel

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Blade Material : High Carbon Aogami Steel no2 (White Steel). Cut So Well! So it is extremely sharp and sharpness last longer. However, it gets rust easily so it needs maintenance.

Double Bevel, Available for both Right Hander and Left Hander.

Made in Japan, Tosa where is the Center of Hatchet Production in Japan.

Kurouchi Surface appears rough, but you can feel the Tosa Craftsmen Spirits.

For Bamboo Chopping, Small firewood chopping


Blade Length : about 120mm(4.7inch), Whole Length : about 280mm(10inch), Weight : about 230g, Total weight about 320g


Blade Length about 180mm(7inch), Whole Length: about 340mm(13.4inch), Weight: about 290g


Blade Length : about 210mm(8.3inch), Whole Length : about 365mm(14.4inch), Weight : about 350g, Total weight (With sheath) : 470g


Blade Length : about 240mm(9.4inch), Whole Length : about 395mm(15.6inch), Weight : about 360g, Total weight (With sheath) : 490g