Deba (Butcher Knife) Aogami Steel No. 2

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It is made by blacksmith with fire forged. Coal fire effect is told that the effect increases quantity of carbon to knife. The charcoal's carbon transfer to the knife. Made of coal forge Knife of whole body has hardness in comparison with other kitchen knives.

  • Blade Edge : Aogami Steel No.2 and Soft Iron. Beautiful "Kasumi Pattern" (Like Mist)" Hardness :around HRC61 +/- 1
  • Handle : Japan Style with Ferrule Made of Water Buffalo Horn, Octagonal pattern
  • Single Bevel(For right hander) Made in Japan! Handmade by Tosa Craftsmen!
  • You can cut fish very beautifully!



Blade Length : about 150mm(5.9inch), Total Length : about 290mm(11.4inch), Weight : about 220g(7.6oz)


Blade Length : about 165mm(6.5inch), Total Length : about 315mm(12.4inch), Weight about 270g(9.5oz)


Blade Length : about 180mm(7.1inch), Total Length : about 330mm(13.0inch), Weight : about 350g(12.3oz)