Deba (Butcher Knife) Aogami Steel No. 2, traditional blacksmith forge

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★★ Two HONMAMON Stars
  • Blade Edge : Aogami Steel No.2 and Soft Iron. Beautiful "Kasumi Pattern" (Like Mist)" Hardness :around HRC61 +/- 1
  • Handle : Japan Style with Ferrule Made of Water Buffalo Horn, Octagonal pattern
  • Single Bevel(For right hander) Made in Japan! Handmade by Tosa Craftsmen!
  • Deba is used for fish filleting and chopping meat without bones.

 It is made by blacksmith with fire forged. Coal fire effect is told that the effect increases quantity of carbon to knife. The charcoal's carbon transfer to the knife. Made of coal forge Knife of whole body has hardness in comparison with other kitchen knives.

Japanese knives became much thinner as it has evolved to become sharper. However, it is much harder and more durable than many of the kitchen knives in the market as it uses high-carbon material. The key to making a thin yet strong blade is the technique of forging hard steel and soft iron together, which was developed through Japanese katana making. By combining the hard steel with more resilient and softer iron, the knife can better withstand the impact. That is why our kitchen knife is thin and sharp yet unbreakable and unbendable at the same time. It is also easy to sharpen.
As our kitchen knife is very sharp, we recommend that you use a chopping board made of unfinished soft wood. Wash, wipe, and let it dry after use to keep it clean and hygienic.
By sharpening regularly, the product lasts for a long time. Contact us for the maintenance or if you need any assistance. 


Blade Length : about 150mm(5.9inch), Total Length : about 290mm(11.4inch), Weight : about 220g(7.6oz)

Item no. 4582243654777


Blade Length : about 165mm(6.5inch), Total Length : about 315mm(12.4inch), Weight about 270g(9.5oz)

Item no. 4582243654791


Blade Length : about 180mm(7.1inch), Total Length : about 330mm(13.0inch), Weight : about 350g(12.3oz)

Item no. 4582243654784