"EN" Deba (Butcher Knife), Blade Edge : VG10

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Made by Ikeuchi Blade.

Blade Edge : V-Gold 10 Forged Stainless Steel! Resistant to Rust!

Good for Fishing and Outdoor Activities! Also Good for cooking fish at home!

Single Bevel for Right Hander.

Deba is used for fish filleting and chopping meat without bones.

The picture shows knife of 90mm.

Size description for each one:


Blade Length : about 90mm(3.5inch), Whole Length : about 215mm(8.5inch), Weight 90g(3.2oz)

Item no. 4582243655729


Blade Length : about 105mm(4.1inch), Whole Length : about 230mm(9.1inch), Weight 110g(3.9oz)

Item no. 4582243655736


Blade Length : about 120mm(4.7inch), Whole Length : about 245mm(9.6inch), Weight 120g(4.2oz)

 Item no. 4582243655743