Deba (Butcher Knife) Aogami Steel No. 2

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  • Made in Japan! Single Bevel for Right Hander!
  • Edge of Blade : That famous Aogami Steel No. 2! Hardness :around HRC61 +/- 1, Very Sharp and Cut Well!
  • Handle: Beautiful Cherry Tree Handle in Japanese Style! Deba : Broad-Bladed Kitchen Knife, Good for Dressing Fish!
  • Lovers of Japanese Handmade Items to Gather! By hammering the materials, the craftsman changes its features! Come and get to see the miracles! As this is handmade, it could have some small scratches, flaws or bent. So the product seems rougher than machine made ones. But the quality is great! We do not recommend this for those who do not like small irregularities. We will not accept any return requests and claims on small flaws produced by handmade.



Blade Length : 105mm(4.1inch), Whole Length : 220mm(8.7inch), Weight : 117g(4.1oz)



 Blade Length : 120mm(4.7inch), Whole Length : 240mm(9.4inch), Weight : 129g(4.5oz)



Blade Length : 135mm(5.3inch), Whole Length : 260mm(10.2inch), Weight : 170g(6.0oz)



Blade Length : 150mm(5.9inch), Whole Length : 285mm(11.2inch), Weight : 250g(8.8oz)



Blade Length : 165mm(6.5inch), Whole Length : 305mm(12.0inch), Weight : 265g(9.3oz)



Blade Length : 180mm(7inch), Whole Length : 325mm(12.8inch), Weight : 300g(10.6oz)