"AO-TSUBAME" Petty (Utility Knife) Aogami Super Steel, 150mm

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That famous "Aogami Super" is put in Stainless Steel and makes 3-layors.l Handle : Reinforced laminated lumber with a bolster. Neat and Strong against rust.

  • Blade Length : about 150mm(5.9inch), Whole Length : about 255mm(10.0inch), Weight : about 73g(2.6oz), thickness 1.6mm(0.06inch)
  • Blade Edge : Aogami Super Sandwitched by Stainless Steel 3-layer material , Hardness : around HRC66~67
  • Double Bevel, Available for both Right and Left Hander.
  • Made in Japan! 
  • The sharpness lasts long. Hardness is very high, and sharpening is difficult . Good for Professionals or for Those who know about kitchen knives.

Petty is Utility Knife.

It is suitable for detailed work such as peeling skins of vegetables or fruits.

Hitachi Co., around 1.4% carbon, aogami base + 0.4% molybdenum, 0.4% vanadium, HRC 61-65.
This high quality steel is even harder and stronger when it is treated well. Able to take very sharp, resistant edges, it cuts beautifully.


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