About us (Who is HONMAMON?)

We sincerely thank you for using our store.

We of Marukin co., Ltd. is a Japanese Trading Company specializing in Cutlery and Metallic materials.

Established in 1948 as a maker and wholesaler of “Bansyu" sickles and as a specialized wholesale company of metallic goods, we have been continuing business with hardware retailers all over Japan for a long time.

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From 2003, we have started selling our goods on Website by the shop name of “HONMAMON”. “HONMAMON” is a dialect used in Kansai district meaning “Genuine or Real”

We select “Genuine”, High Quality goods with responsibility from Sakai, Miki, Tosa and other famous Japanese Cutlery Production Centers.

We sell our goods to many customers in USA, Canada, China, Korea, England, Israel and other variety of countries. We also have some agents in some countries who sell a lot in their countries. And thankfully, our goods are loved by many customers of all over the world.

We will sincerely continue to make our best effort to deliver “HONMAMON” genuine goods with Japanese Tradition and Techniques to as many customers as possible so that they would enjoy them.

We assort a variety of Made in Japan Goods with confidence, such as Sharp Kitchen Knives handmade by first-class Craftsmen and Pruning Shears which fit in the palm of your hand etc.

Thank you.


Address : 926-2 Nishikose, Katosi, Hyogo 673-1425 Japan

E-Mail : info@honmamon.jp