'SHIGEKATSU' Sashimi Knife SK Material

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Handmade by Sakai Craftsmen. 

Blade Material : SK steel & soft iron.

Single Bevel.(KATABA) for right hander.

Handle Material : Magnolia & Bolster : Plastic

Good for making Sashimi! Cut beautifully! Japanese Yanagiba sashimi knife for prepare Sashimi, Slice Raw Fish and Seafood.

The picture shows shears of 300mm.

Size description for each one:

180mm : Blade Length : about 180mm(7.1inch), Whole Length : about 310mm(12.2inch), Weight : about 100g(3.5oz)

210mm : Blade Length : about 210mm(8.3inch), Whole Length : about 340mm(13.4inch), Weight : about 115g(4.1oz)

240mm : Blade Length : about 240mm(9.4inch), Whole Length : about 375mm(14.8inch), Weight : about 145g(5.1oz)

270mm : Blade Length : about 270mmm(10.6inch), Whole Length : about 410mm(16.1inch), Weight : about 195g(6.9oz)

300mm : Blade Length : about 300mm(11.8inch), Whole Length : about 450mm(17.7inch), Weight : about 213g(7.5oz)