"HONMAMON" Gyuto (Chef's Knife) VG-10 Damascus

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★★ Two HONMAMON Stars (link)

  • Made in Japan!
  • Blade Material : That Famous VG10 Stainless Steel! Strong against rust!
  • Double Bevel and Available for Both Right Hander and Left Hander. Beautiful Damascus Pattern.
Gyuto is Chefs knife.
From your kitchen to a chefs kitchen, this knife is used most frequently.

 "V10-Gold" high carbon steel, the highest grade of stainless carbon steel material. One side 16-layered, total 32-layered composite forged Damascus blade. The blade has high-level hardness and abrasion resistance, and rust resistance. Sharpness lasts very long. You must be attracted to the beautifully patterned blade, and be surprised at the superior sharpness!


〈120mm〉 Paring Knife (Petty Knife)

Blade Length : abt 120mm(4.7inch), Whole Length : abt 225mm(8.9inch), Weight : abt 75g(2.6oz)    

Item no. 4580149741201



Blade Length : 180mm(7.1inch), Whole Length : 300mm(11.8inch), Weight : 150g(5.3oz)

Item no. 4580149741225



Blade length : approx.210mm(8.3inch), length : approx.330mm(13.0inch), Weight : approx.165g(5.8oz)

Item no. 4580149741232


Blade Length : 240mm(9.4inch), Whole Length : 375mm(14.8inch), Weight : 215g(7.6oz)

Item no. 4580149741249


Blade Length : 270mm(10.6inch), Whole Length : 400mm(15.7inch), Weight : 245 g(8.6oz)

Item no. 4580149747203