MUSOU Clearing Saw Blade 9”/10”

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Product description

For cutting bushes, trees, shrubs and bamboos, Up to diameter of 70mm can cut.

With Tooth Setting, anyone can buy it and use it immediately.

Unlike chip saws, even if you cut thick small diameter trees and bamboo, chips do not fly. And this saw can be used for a long time by sharpen blade.

  • Recommended for brush cutters with 25cc or more engine / 36V or more battery.
  • Made in Japan



The safety instructions printed in package box. Failure to follow the safety instructions could result in serious injuries. Always follow them. Please keep this safety instructions.


  • Clearing Saw Blade 9”

Size:  Diameter :225mm (9inch) x 1.8mm (Thick)

Saw blade:24T

Center hole: 25.4mm/1”

 Item no. 4984037003400


  • Clearing Saw Blade 10”

Size: Diameter :250mm (10inch) x 1.8mm (Thick)

Saw blade:26T

Center hole: 25.4mm/1”

Item no. 4984037003417