"MUSASHIKOKU KOUGETSU" Chef's Knife (Gyuto) 210mm, Mono-Steel made from SK Material

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Made in Japan by "YOSHITO YAMAKAWA"

Works great for cooking western food. This is particularly suitable for cutting beef. 
Some knife makers started to create knives for western cuisine when western cultures were introduced to Japan about 200 years ago. 

After the WWII, when the Japanese began to eat more meat, there was a greater need for these kinds of knives in Japan. 
However, now most of these knives are manufactured in factories and the number of master knife makers has been greatly decreased. 
There are only few left who can create high-quality, handmade knives. One of them is named Hachimagawa Yoshihito. 

His knife won a special award in Chiba prefecture in 2006. 

This knife was created by him in the traditional way with traditional processes. 

Cut with confidence. 

Maker : Gokoo Hamamono
Mono-Steel made from SK Material
■ Whole Length : Approx. 330 mm
■ Blade Length  : Approx. 210 mm
■ Weight             : Approx. 210 g
■ Durable Bevel and Available for both Right Hander and Left Hander