HONMAMON "KYO-HIGASHIYAMA" Whetstone for HSS #250 - #10000

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars (link)

KYO-HIGASHIYAMA Whetstones are our brand.

It is a first-class ceramic whetstone to be able to sharpen powdery Heiss kitchen knives, ceramic kitchen knives, Aogami Super kitchen knives quickly.

Because the abrasion power is stronger than normal ceramic whetstones, you can feel an outstanding effect for the corrections such as small blade misses.

ST series is standard and main series, with all number of whetstones to fulfill you sharpen the knife. CR/VT series is for hard stainless and carbon steel quick to sharpening. The HSS series is most hard whetstones. So, that able to sharpen HSS steel knife and ceramic knives.

Need to soak it in the water for a couple of minutes before using

Size description for each one:

  •  #250: Size 200mm x 75mm x 25mm (4573200705052)
  •  #600: Size 200mm × 75mm × 25mm (4582243658799)
  • #1000Size 200mm × 75mm × 30mm (4582243651776)
  • #3000: Size 210mm × 75mm × 30mm (4582243651783)
  • #6000: Size 210mm × 75mm × 25mm (4582243658805)
  • #10000: Size 210mm × 75mm × 25mm (4573200715556)

Properties of HSS whetstone #240 and whetstone #1000 and Precautions for Use:

・ There is a chance of cracks in the raw materials and manufacturing methods of this product, but the cracks in this part will not cause other cracks or cause damage, and there is no problem and can be used normally.

・ For the concave and convex chipping surface of a part of the whetstone, it is recommended to use a flat repair stone to correct the whetstone.

・ After some whetstones are used, even if they are dry, there may be thread marks, which are traces of coal fire at the time of manufacture, which is no problem and can be used normally.

・ For our rough and medium whetstones, the best maintenance method is to use only one side to grind, because the raw materials and manufacturing methods of this product may be damaged due to pressure on both sides. Please pay attention to the above and the recommended methods to use it.

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