INARIJIKA Thin Blade Mowing Sickle For Left Hander, Made in Bansyu Miki, Japan

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  • Thin Blade Mowing Sickle, Good for Cutting Soft Grasses
  • Blade Edge Material : Clad Material Single Bevel. Available for Left Hander.
  • Made in Bansyu Miki, Japan ! Handmade !
  • Lovers of Japanese Handmade Items to Gather! By hammering the materials, the craftsman changes its features! Come and get to see the miracles Japanese Craftsmen make!


Blade : 195mm (abt.7.7 inch) Handle : 360mm (abt. 14.2 inch) Weight : 175g (abt. 6.2 oz) 


Blade : 210mm (abt. 8.3 inch) Handle : 390mm (abt. 15.4 inch) Weight : 185g (abt. 6.5 Inch) 


Blade Length : 225mm (abt. 8.9 inch) Handle : 450mm (abt. 17.7 Inch) Weight : 220g (abt. 7.8 oz)