HONMAMON "SHIGEHIRO SPECIAL" Santoku (Multi-Purpose Knife) VG-10 Damascus, 170mm

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  • Made in Japan! Handmade by Japanese Craftsmen.
  • Beautiful Damascus Pattern! Edge of VG-10 Sandwhiched by Lamination Layor Stainless Steel
  • Strong against rust, so it is clean and easy to maintain.
  • Cut Well!
  • Double Bevel, Available for both Right and Left Hander.
  • Blade Length : about 170mm(6.7inch), Length : about 290mm(11.4inch), Weight : about 134g(4.7oz)

Fourth generation blacksmith, Shigeki Tanaka, is a highly skilled craftsman working out of his shop located in Miki city. Tanaka san got his training at Takefu knife village in Echizen, Japan. At TKV he quickly absorbed many skills that are on full display with his world renowned knives. All of his knives are hand-forged out of his quaint workshop.

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