HONMAMON "AZUMASYUSAKU" Polished Hatchet Aogami Steel, 120mm~240mm Double edge

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars (link)

  • Made in Japan! (Tosa where is the Center of Japanese Hatchet Production.)
  • Handmade By Japanese Craftsmen by Japanese Traditional Techniques!
  • Edge of Blade: That famous "Aogami Steel No.2 "! Very Sharp and Cut Well! Tough!
  • Double Bevel and Available for both Right Hander and Left Hander. With Special Case!
  • Forged from three layers of carbon steel
  • The iron-steel composite blade can be easily sharpened.
  • A small light hatchet for easy transport, ideal for hiking and camping.
  • The end of double-edge hatchets is thick and durable, making them suited to chopping wood and pruning.

  • Superb quality for professional.



  • Blade Length: 120mm(4.7inch), Whole Length with Case: 270mm(10.6inch), Spine Thickness: 5mm(0.2inch), Weight: 280g(9.9oz), Weight with Case: 410g(14.5oz)
Item no. 4580149746091



      • Blade Length: 150mm(5.9inch), Whole Length with Case: 330mm(13.0inch), Spine Thickness: 5mm(0.2inch), Weight: 340g(12.0oz), Weight with Case: 490g(17.3oz)
      Item no. 4580149746213



          • Blade Length: 165mm(6.5inch), Whole Length with Case: 375mm(14.8inch), Spine Thickness: 5mm(0.2inch), Weight of Hatchet: 450g(15.9oz)
          Item no. 4580149746220



              • Blade Length: about 180mm(7.1inch), Whole Length with Sheath: about 410mm(16.1inch), Thickness of Spine: about 5mm(0.2inch), Hatchet Weight: about 490g(17.2oz), Weight with Sheath: about 680g(24.0oz)
              Item no. 4580149746237



                  • Blade Length: 195mm, Length (contain sheath): 420mm(16.5inch), Hatchet Weight:530g(18.7oz), Total Weight (contain sheath): 720g(25.4oz)
                  Item no. 4580149746244



                      • Blade Length: 210mm(8.3inch), Whole Length with Case: 420mm(16.5inch), Spine Thickness: 6mm(0.2inch), Weight: 560g(19.8oz), Weight with Case: 760g(26.8oz)
                      Item no. 4580149746251



                          • Blade Length: 240mm(9.4inch), Whole Length with Case: 480mm(18.9inch), Spine Thickness: 6mm(0.2inch), Weight: 620g(21.9oz), Weight with Case: 860g(30.3oz)
                          Item no. 4580149746268


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