"HARUKAZE" Damascus Nakiri Knife 165mm with Walnut Handle, Powder HSS R2, Shigeki Tanaka

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  • Made in Japan! Handmade by Shigeki Tanaka.
  • Length(Blade) : 165mm(abt 6.5 Inch), Length : 310mm(abt 12.2 Inch), Weight : 169g(abt 6oz)
  • The primary steel used for this knife called “Super Gold II” made from 33 layers of stainless steel. Hardness : HRC63(+/-1)、Cut well! Sharpness lasts long.
  • Handle Material : Octagnal Walnut with wooden box.
  • Beautiful Damascus Pattern! Double Bevel. Available for both Right Hander and Left Hander.
·He lives in the Hyogo Prefecture Miki city in Japan.
·The knife that he makes is all handmade. it is not possible to mass-produce.
·He is one of the best genuine workmen in Japan.