“HONMAMON” Professional Planes (Hira-Kanna) "Nanba Tetsu" white oak base Special Old Carbon Steel

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The Japanese plane or KANNA is a plane pulled towards the user rather than pushed in the manner of western style planes. The laminated steel and iron blade is stout compared to western planes. There a many different planes for all types of work.

 A Japanese plane consists of 4 main elements

Body - Wood base, usually white oak or red oak.

Blade – Laminated from two pieces of steel, the very hard edge is so brittle, so used thick and very soft iron to supported.

Adjustable Chipbreaker – a second blade that breaks the wood fibres after theyre cut, reducing tear out.

Holding pin – Holds the blade and chipbreaker in place.

Tsunesaburo Plane

Mr. Tsunemitsu Uozumi build up Tsunesaburo Plane Works Co., Ltd. In 1947. Plane blade maker studied under from his grandfather since he was a child and has mastered the secrets of process for making plane for 28years. Now, a third generation of the Tsunesaburo family, the second-generation owner Mr. Asao Uozumi according to the purpose of use utilizing both the traditional method and modern equipment. And keeping the new skill continues to third-generation owner Mr. Toru Uozumi.

Tsunesaburo is one of the most famous woodworking molding plane brands in Japan. The blade part is made of Special old Carbon Steel which is the high glade steel.

  • Used white oak wood of body base
  • Blade material is used Special old carbon steel
  • Made in Japan
  • A brand new, Price is including a kanna plane
  • Handmade Japanese plane
  • Support visit factory services  


    Plane blade width 42mm, cutting width 38mm, Total length 75mm /

    Base size: Total length 214mm, Width 56mm, Height 27mm

    Item no. 1113798


    Plane blade width 48mm, cutting width 43mm, Total length 75mm /

    Base size: Total length 213mm, Width 64mm, Height 27mm

    Item no. 1113797

    Plane blade width 55mm, Cutting width 49mm, Total length 85mm /

    Base size: Total length 243mm, Width 68mm, Height 29mm

    Item no. 1113796

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