Different places and characteristics of making Japanese kitchen knives - part.1

Japan is a land of traditions and a rich cultural heritage. There is a pervasive mindset of quality in all things. One of the best ways to get a taste of the real Japan is by using an exceptional Japanese kitchen knife.

There are 6 representative knife making places in Japan

1. Osaka sakai city

Making kitchen knives is the oldest in Japan, and the decisive difference from other areas is that there are specialized craftsmen, and each specialized craftsman creates a high level of blacksmithing technology by division of labor, such as blacksmithing, sharpening, and knife handle. It is almost the world of Japanese kitchen knives. In the handmade world, Sakai is a delicate product in the world of Japanese kitchen knives, and it is mostly for professionals. It is a world of top-level Japanese kitchen knives.

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2. Niigata Tsubame and sanjo city

It has been manufacturing sickles, hoes, etc. since the Middle Ages as a tool mainly necessary for agriculture, but it is a world famous area in the metal processing industry, and now famous manufacturers such as Western tableware, cooking utensils, knives, etc. are gathered. There is also a production area of carpentry tools. Export a lot of knifes to overseas.

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