"UNRYU" Kiridashi small knife, aogami steel no.1 forged old iron, wood grain finish

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars (link)

This Kiridashi small knife was forged and welded from charcoal reduced blue paper No.1 steel of the mid-Showa period on a wrought iron base metal.

The blue paper steel of the cutting blade is forged to remove impurities and become the best steel for tenacious and long-lasting cutting.

Unlike soft iron, wrought iron, the base metal, is less sticky and can be sharpened quickly and easily, and the sharpening fluid is an excellent abrasive, making it possible to make very good blades.

The unique grain pattern is beautiful, and this Kiridashi small knife is full of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Since it is made of steel, it will rust. Please be sure to wipe off any moisture before storing.

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