"HONMAMON" Gyuto (Chef's Knife) / Petty (Utility Knife) VG-10 Damascus series, 120mm~240mm

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★★ Two HONMAMON Stars (link)

  • Made in Japan!
  • Blade Material: That Famous VG10 Stainless Steel! Strong against rust!
  • Double Bevel and Available for Both Right Hander and Left Hander. Beautiful Damascus Pattern.
  • In boats or beach for cooking use.


It is a knife that uses a highly recommended steel material for cutting blades for home use that boasts the highest sharpness. VG-10, which is rust-resistant and has a sharp blade, that lasts for a long time, is the most popular among stainless steel knives.

What's VG-10 steel?

VG-10 is a stainless-steel material developed by Takefu Special Steel Co., Ltd. It is called the highest peak among high-grade stainless steels, and has an excellent balance of hardness and stickiness. It is a recommended steel material not only for professionals but also for home knives.

In general, stainless steel tends to be seen as inferior in sharpness compared to steel. VG-10 contains a large amount of carbon and has a sharpness that is not inferior to steel due to proper forging and heat treating.

Added in chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, cobalt, etc. Badding various alloys, it becomes a blade steel that has stickiness even ihardness and excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

  1. High carbon makes it a material with high hardness and excellent sharpness.
  2. Added in chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, with stickiness even in hardness and wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
  1. It is also resistant to rust, so it is easy to maintains.



Disadvantageous Points

  1. Expensive than general stainless-steel knife.
  2. For the sharpening need use hard whetstone, because VG-10 is hard steel.


〈120mm〉 Paring Knife (Petty Knife)

Blade Length: abt 120mm(4.7inch), Whole Length: abt 225mm(8.9inch), Weight: abt 70g(2.5oz)    

Item no. 4580149741201

〈150mm〉 Paring Knife (Petty Knife)

Blade Length: abt 150mm(5.9inch), Whole Length: abt 260mm(10.2inch), Weight: abt 90g(3.2oz)    

Item no. 4580149741218


Blade Length: 180mm(7.1inch), Whole Length: 300mm(11.8inch), Weight: 146g(5.1oz)

Item no. 4580149741225


Blade length: approx.210mm(8.3inch), length: approx.330mm(13.0inch), Weight: approx.165g(5.8oz)

Item no. 4580149741232


Blade Length: 240mm(9.4inch), Whole Length: 375mm(14.8inch), Weight: 212g(8.3oz)

Item no. 4580149741249

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