HONMAMON "AZUMASYUSAKU" Polished Hatchet 165mm-240mm for Left Hander, Single Edge : Aogami Steel

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars (link)

  • Material of Blade Edge: Aogami Steel 2 (Blue Steel)
  • For Cutting Branches, Tough and Sharp
  • For Left Hander, Single edge.
  • Made in Japan! Handmade by Japanese Craftsmen!
  • A small light hatchet for easy transport, ideal for hiking and camping.
  • A light, finely sharpened hatchet for light hewing.
  • The hatchet handles, of hafts, are made of the sapwood of Japanese white oak.
  • The iron-steel composite blade can be easily sharpened.
  • The end of single-edge hatchets is thin and sharp, making them suited to cutting and shaving.
  • If a single-edge hatchet is used to chop wood, the blade will be easily nicked, and the wood will not be chopped cleanly.


Included hatchet craftsman and wooden craftsman “Amazing skill “and” sincere attitude” into the Hatchet.

The hatchet made by the best of hatchet craftsman in TOSA.

The wooden case (saya) made by a woodworker who knows everything inside out.

400-year-old Tosa’s cutlery keeping the same forging method that is freely made one by one by hand.

Experienced of hatchet craftsman with very smooths to forging of skill, making a hatchet from square steel is a superb skill.

The steel is “Wakashideke” on soft iron and hammering become to one.

Precise hammer skill and temperature control produce easy to sharpen, long lasting cutting blades. The steel is made of blue paper steel which is hard and sharp.

The finished hatchet is very beautiful.

Just look you will feel the finished quality.

That quality is from hatchet craftsman who pays attention to detail, everyone can feel” sincere attitude” in the hatchet.

The blade of handle side is thick and the cutting edge is thin.

By holding the center of gravity at hand, it is easy to control and less tired.

Craftsmen want to bring out the maximum power of tools.

Because it is handmade, where dimensional error occurs, Due to the high technical skills of craftsmen who do not allow compromise, the error is less than 0.1mm.

You cannot see adhesive surface, because that is use highly skill to created.

The life of the tree becomes the life of the scabbard, it can be used for a long time as a good hatchet companion.

Blade length: 165mm(6.5inch), Width: 54 mm(2.1inch), Total length with sheath: 375mm(14.8inch), Back thickness: 5 mm(0.2inch), Weight: 470g(16.6oz), Total weight (including the sheath): 640g(22.6oz)

Item no. 4580149746824 


Blade Length: 180 mm(7.1inch), Width: 54 mm(2.1inch), Total Length with Sheath: 390 mm(15.4inch), Spine Thickness: 5 mm(0.2inch)
Weight: 500 g(17.6oz), Total Weight (including the Sheath): 690 g(24.3oz)

Item no. 4580149746756


Blade length: 195 mm(7.7inch), Width: 45 mm(1.8inch), Total length with sheath: 405 mm(15.9inch), Back thickness: 5 mm(0.2inch)
Weight: 440 g(15.5oz), Total weight (including the sheath): 630 g(22.2oz)

Item no. 4580149746831


Blade length: 210 mm(8.3inch), Width: 45 mm(1.8inch), Total length with sheath: 420 mm(16.5inch), Back thickness: 5 mm(0.2inch), Weight: about 470 g(16.6oz), Total weight (including the sheath): about 650 g(22.9oz)

Item no. 4580149746763


Blade length: 240 mm(9.4inch), Width: 45 mm(1.8inch), Total length with sheath: 480 mm(18.9inch), Back thickness: 6 mm(0.2inch), Weight: 560 g(19.8oz), Total weight (including the sheath): 760 g(26.8oz)  

Item no. 4580149746770

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