HISHIKA Replacement Blade Type Pruning Saw Improved Blade 210mm-240mm with Sheath

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Product Specifications

■ Use: Pruning of trees and fruit trees

■ Grinding: Vertical grinding, horizontal grinding, diagonal grinding

■Manufacture: Made in Japan

■ Features:
It is a saw with an improved blade that can cut vertically, horizontally, and diagonally regardless of the grain.
A vertical grind is placed in the horizontal grind, and a window is attached to make it easier to scrape out chips.
It exerts its power at the hairline of the branches, and the cut surface is also beautifully finished.

■ Note:
This product is easy to break because it prioritizes sharpness and is not recommended for non-professional workers.
Kneeing, bending, twisting, stuffing, etc. may cause breakage.
Use it lightly and with a straight stroke of the saw blade.

About Improved Blades

Improved blades

By mixing vertical grinds between horizontal grinds, it is possible to cut vertically, horizontally, and diagonally regardless of the fiber direction.

In addition, in order to improve the scraping of chips, a deep cut is made at the bottom of the eye behind the vertical grind to create a smooth sharpness.

HISHIKA's commitment to products

In order to pursue sharpness, we carefully select the most suitable
materials for the application from the high-grade steel material "Hitachi YASUGI Steel" and hand-harden each piece.

Commitment to products 1

In addition, it is finished with consideration for the
user, such as changing the angle of the blade by using a machine with advanced technology with numerical restrictions.

Commitment to products 2

Finally, craftsmen with skilled skills remove the distortion one by one by hand and breathe life into it, and the "HISHIKA-in" saw is sent out to the world as the "ultimate saw" that meets the needs of the main job.

Commitment to products 3

"The joy of holding tools and the joy of cutting with them for everyone"
This is the starting point of HISHIKA's manufacturing.

Commitment to products 4

A "tool" is something that gets used to your hands.
By using it for a long time, it becomes familiar to the hand, and the usability is ingrained in the mind and body, and you become attached to it.
Not disposable, "handmade saws" that are cared for and continue to use

If you are looking for such a saw, I would like you to use "HISHIKA's saw".


Blade length 210mm

Item no. 1118688

Blade length 240mm

Item no. 1118689

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