"AZUMASYUSAKU" Pruning Hatchet, Aogami Steel no.2, 140mm double Bevel with Case

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars (link)

AZUMASYUSAKU is our original product of HONMAMON.

Made by with best forging skill craftsmen in TOSA.

・Handmade by Japanese Craftsmen by Japanese Traditional Techniques

・As they are Handmade, they have individual differences.

・Edge of Blade: Aogami Steel 2, Very Sharp and Cut Well!

・Double Bevel, With Blade Case!

・Blade length 140 mm, Total length 390 mm weight 480 g, Back thickness 5 mm

We promise the highest level of sharpness and durability. 

Full-fledged specifications with supreme technique!

Tosa's very skilled hatchet is the finest
 forged and fire made.

The uniform thickness, straight back and cutting edge, and sharp blade are all carefully made with the utmost care.

Hagane is made of hard, tenacious, sharp, blue paper steel.

One by one, soft iron (bullion) is broken into two halves by high-temperature hammering, and the mold is skillfully made with a hammer by hand.
It's not a cheap product made of composites.
It is a real thing.

It is a true tool that can be used in the outdoor field scene.
It is ideal as a practical portable item for surveying work, mountain conservation work, wild vegetable picking, bamboo picking, mountain stream fishing, etc.

It is useful for felling trees when cutting branches, weeds, bamboo, etc. on mountain roads and thickets, caring for bamboo bushes, and harvesting bamboo for bamboo crafts.

It could have some small scratches, flaws or bent, but they are the proof of handmade! The product seems rougher than machine made ones, but the quality is great, which you cannot feel with machine made one! We do not recommend this for those who do not like small irregularities, as this is a handmade, it could have some. We will not accept any return requests and claims on small flaws proof of handmade.

 Aogami Steel easily gets rust and requires good maintenance.

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