Different places and characteristics of making Japanese kitchen knives - part.3

There are 6 representative knife making places in Japan

5. Kochi Tosa city

Kurouchi is a traditional forging technique, because shortly after the war, so the demand for agricultural tools is very large, all over the need for blacksmiths. And the only thing left to keep this Kurouchi technology intact is the place of Tosa. Since black beats cannot be mass produced, each one is handcrafted.
create tools of different shapes with free forging,
Tosa is based on the practical tools for mountain forests and agriculture, so it is not only sharp, also has one of the characteristics of durability.

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6. Fukui Echizen Takefu city

Fukui Prefecture Echizen Takefu city is also famous for forging japanese kitchen knives, the hit metal technique is the top level in Japan, and kitchen knives made from artisan handicrafts are thin, hard, durable and resilient. Sharpness and smooth cutting make cooking more enjoyable.

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