"TAKUMI KIYOKANE" Santoku (Multi-Purpose Knife) Aogami Super Steel, 165mm

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars (link)

  • It is a knife blacksmith made by traditional forging style. 
  • Free Forging from Tosa Japan.
  • Aogami Super Steel is the best steel of Japan for professional knives. 
  • However, it gets rust easily, so it needs maintenance.
  • Edge of Blade: Aogami Super Steel (Blue Super). It contains high-Carbon. Hardness: around HRC64 +/- 1. 
  • Aogami Steel is very good for cutlery tools, because it can made sharp edge and a long lasting.
  • Cladding: Stainless Kurouchi.
  • Handle: rosewood Octagonal.
  • Double Bevel. Available for both Right and Left Hander.
  • Made in Japan!
  • Handmade by Tosa, Echizen and Bansyu Craftsmen!
  • If you want to keep a knife sharp, you need use hard sharpening stone to maintain it.

Japanese kitchen knives have become a sensation in the culinary world for their sharpness and versatility. In this knife series, knife blade made from Tosa; knife handle made from Echizen Fukui; produced the knife in Bansyu Hyogo. Tosa and Echizen is the most famous kitchen knife making regions in Japan. Also, Bansyu is the most famous cutlery making regions in Japan. Built with the finest components, this series is the perfect tool for all types of cutting, giving sharp and precise results every time. Each knife is handcrafted according to traditional techniques and is the result of centuries of Japanese knife-making craftsmanship.

Cleanly combined traditional Japanese blacksmithing techniques in KIYOKANE SAKU series. This pairing of modern and traditional methods results in an exceptional culinary experience, with a sharp blade that stays sharp longer and resists oxidation.

The Handle

Founded in 1912. The first generation went from ivory craftsmen to woodturner, and the second generation made sickle handles for mowing grass. The third generation obtained a patent for the tool holder. The fourth generation pursues higher added value and has the technological capabilities that have supported Japan's manufacturing industry for many years.

It adopts a unique dual-core structure
In order to improve the durability of the handle, the body and ferrule are constructed with a unique design. Even if the handle is made of hardwood, it will not break easily.

Patent No. 59634

Patent No. 049151

A wide variety of domestic and foreign wood
We have everything from standard wood to beautiful and rare natural wood.

By URUSHI(painting), water repellency and antibacterial properties are also enhanced.

The blade

TOSA traditional skill “Free Forging” This method creates a unique, durable, and high-performance blade that is both light and easy to use. Its balance and cutting power make it an ideal choice for professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts alike.

TOSA cutlery started from 1621, over 400 years ago. Forge to finished need many steps, all steps just made from one blacksmith. Easy to control every part and keep it free style to forging, because that’s made by same craftsman. So, that’s why call this skill to “Free Forging”. This traditional "Free Forging" technique has been passed down for generations, ensuring an incredibly precise and durable cutting edge. It's a reliable product that won't let you down.

With the sound of a violent blow sparks, the way thick steel is transformed into a kitchen knife in the blink of an eye is truly craftsmanship. By hitting it many times with a hammer and stretching it, impurities come out, by making the structure “dense”, it becomes a knife with high hardness and stickiness. The precise forging process creates a knife that's both highly resilient and razor-sharp, making it an essential tool for any home chef.

    You can see the marks of the hammer that was struck up with a hammer, it has the characteristic of being handmade by craftsmen and resistant to rust compared to polished finishing. A durable blade ideal for traditional knives techniques that will last for years. Perfect for both professional and home chefs who value quality and craftsmanship.

    KUROUCHI forging with different color for every cutlery. TOSA “KIYOKANE” and “MOTOKANE” with additional process of kurouchi knives. On every knife have different color. The combination of materials and techniques creates a robust and beautiful blade that can be relied upon for long-lasting performance.

    This knife isn’t using press process and solvent to make the pattern of knife, The final pattern and color of knife just depend on oxide film by random. So, the one and only knives. It's rare, handcrafted finish ensures that every blade is unique and makes for a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

    So many situations can use that double bevel knife. Double bevel knife with more tough of edge than single bevel, and easily to handle, good for Japanese food and western food. This knife is a versatile kitchen tool that can handle a variety of cutting tasks. Its double bevel composition enables superior durability and sharpness. Its flexibility makes it suitable for both Japanese and Western cuisine.

    Because free forging, can be easy to innovation. The different pieces are handmade by experienced blacksmiths, giving each blade unique characteristics and making them highly durable.
    The knife is consistently performed by a single craftsman, without being bound by the framework of the process, so can continue to improve and evolve. The result is a handmade, one-of-a-kind knife of superior quality, imbued with the skill and technique of a master craftsman.

    This knife isn’t mass production. Hand crafted and designed to both retain and sharpen its razor-sharp knife edge for lasting use and performance.

    We are focus on the knife quality than productivity. You can feel the soul of craftsman. We recommend you use that for gift. This knife will make a perfect gift for anyone looking for something special. It is crafted with high-quality materials and hand-sharpened to ensure durable and long-lasting performance.

    KIYOKANESAKU and TAKUMI KIYOKANE series is used traditional Furoshiki to warp the product. Furoshiki is Japanese eco wrapping cloth. This combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship makes KIYOKANE SAKU and TAKUMI KIYOKANE an eco-friendly choice that shows respect for the environment.

    Furoshiki are much less formal than fukusa, and are not generally used to present formal gifts. Furoshiki are convenient and versatile, allowing you to wrap and carry items of any shape and size.


    Blade Length about 165mm (6.5inch), Total Length 305mm (12inch), Thickness of the spine about 2.5mm (0.1inch), Handle Length 126mm (5inch), Weight about 140g (4.9oz)

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