"SAHO" Hedge/Gardening Clippers, Shirogami Steel Blade with Leather Case

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The shears have thin, razor-sharp blades.
The "Shirogami steel No2" is a superlative steel for professional shears.
so, it is extremely sharp and sharpness last longer.
However, it gets rust easily, so it needs maintenance.
Not suitable for cutting thick branches.

Caulking Type

Usage: Gardening, Ueki, Pruning, Trimming


For first time to use Japanese steel tools, because that is already sharpened very sharp of edge. That is easy to chip of blade. But use about that one month or more, that become to more tough, at the same time that will not sharpen compared to first time.

Tips for Long-Term Use of a pruning shears
This is a summary of the main points to consider for the proper use, maintenance, and storage of a scythe to ensure its longevity.
Usage Tips:
• For the first month of use, allow the top and bottom blades to adjust and become sharp by cutting thin branches.
• Avoid twisting or bending the blade excessively, as this can cause injuries or damage to the blade.
Maintenance Tips:
• After use, wipe off any moisture or dirt from the blade and handle with a cloth.
• To prevent rust, regularly apply maintenance oil such as camphor oil to the entire blade.
Storage Tips:
• If you are not using it for an extended period, after maintenance, cover the entire blade with a case or cloth and store it in a well-ventilated area.


Whole Length: 580mm (22.8inch), Handle Length 300mm(11.8inch)
Length of a cutting blade: 210mm(8.3inch), Weight: 840g(29.6oz)

Item no. 4582243658737


Whole Length: 600mm (23.6inch), Handle Length 300mm(11.8inch)
Length of a cutting blade: 225mm(8.9inch), Weight: 890g(31oz)

Item no. 4582243658744


Whole Length: 635mm (25inch), Handle Length 300mm(11.8inch)
Length of a cutting blade: 250mm(9.8inch), Weight: 940g(33oz)

Item no. 4582243658751


Whole Length: 660mm (26inch), Handle Length 300mm(11.8inch)
Length of a cutting blade: 285mm(11.0inch), Weight: 1000g(35.2oz)

Item no. 4582243658768

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