HONMAMON Sword Hatchet for Outdoor Activities Aogami Steel, 120mm~210mm with Genuine Leather Case

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars (link)
  • Edge of Blade : The famous "Aogami Steel No.2"(Blue Steel), Hardness :around HRC61 +/- 1. Cuts so Well!
  • for Outdoor Activities - Hunting, Climbing, Camping, Angling
  • with leather sheath
  • As the hatchets are handmade, they have individual differences in the curve of the blade edge or appearance (e.g. pattern of the blade)

    Hunting knife - Kennata

    Hunting knife out look like a knife.

    This knife not only for hunting use, and good for cutting fish, outdoor use,  

     In our store of hunting knife all made by forging craftsmen, our hunting knives are handmade products.


    It could have some small scratches, flaws or bent, but they are the proof of handmade! The product seems rougher than machine made ones, but the quality is great, which you cannot feel with machine made one! We do not recommend this for those who do not like small irregularities, as this is a handmade, it could have some.

     What is a yamatate?

    It means "a structure with a sharp peak like a mountain".

    Useful for dismantling for hunting.

    *At our store, the sword hatchet for charisma is a product with a yamadate,
    Since the blade is not sharpened, that is false edge.

    The tongue is the part of the metal that makes up the blade that corresponds to the handle. Full Tongue refers to a structure in which the metal including the blade is integrated to the end of the handle.

    Our store of hunting knife is using high end steel "Shirogami steel" and "Aogami steel".

    Both is the best steel for cutlery in Japan.

    Shirogami steel is for want easy to be sharpening people.

    Aogami steel is for want keeping long lasting blade. 

    Hunting knife and Hatchet with 3-point differences.

    1. The Hunting knife is sharp, but the hatchet is rectangular.

    2. The hatchet does not have a collar, but many hunting knife have a collar.

    3. Hunting knives tend to have a compact handle relative to the length of the blade.
    Many of the hatchets are about the same length as the blade.


    We select and introduce to everyone the works of blacksmiths who are working hard every day.

    It is our pleasure to see more people use our knives correctly, to know their true value, and to be satisfied with them.

    The cutlery technique of forging soft iron and steel to forge the shape of knife for hunting and outdoor is unique to Japan. We would like to help pass on the world class Japanese craftsmanship to the next generation.

    Blade Length : 120mm(abt 4.7 inch), Total Length : 220mm(abt 8.7 inch), Total Length (including the sheath) : 290mm(abt 11.4 inch)

    Item no. 4580149743724


    Blade Length : 135mm(abt 5.3 inch), Total Length : 250mm(abt 9.8 inch), Total Length (including the sheath) : 280mm(abt 11 inch)

    Item no. 4580149743731


    Blade Length : 150mm(abt 5.9 inch), Total Length : 280mm(abt 11 inch), Total Length (including the sheath) : 320mm(abt 12.6 inch)  

    Item no. 4580149743403


     Blade Length : 180mm(abt 7.1 inch), Total Length : 310mm(abt 12.2 inch), Total Length (including the sheath) : 335mm(abt 13.2 inch)       

    Item no. 4580149743380


    Blade Length : 210mm(abt 8.3 inch), Total Length : 350mm(abt 13.8 inch), Total Length (including the sheath) : 370mm(abt 14.6 inch)         

    Item no. 4580149743748