Different places and characteristics of making Japanese kitchen knives - part.2

There are 6 representative knife making places in Japan

3. Hyogo Miki and Ono city

Even now, a wide variety of knives are made using traditional manufacturing methods. From daily necessities such as small knifes, chisel, and plane used in construction, various things are carefully made one by one by craftsmen. There is only one person left who produces Japanese kitchen knives now, he is Mr. Shigeki Tanaka and inherits traditional kitchen knife making.

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4. Gifu Seki city

A fully mechanized area that has been mass produced in factories. Kitchen knives state of the art at that time.
We polish materials at factories, grind them, wear clean patterns, sell them in large quantities, and export them overseas. It is made by the division of labor system in the factory.

Alloys are used to produce strong steel, but kitchen knives produced in Seki are made of steel made of iron not easy rusting.

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