Fillet Knife (Sujihiki) 270 mm Powdered HSS R2, whetstone #1000 for HSS

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  • Blade Length : Approx. 270 mm(10.6inch), Whole Length : Approx. 400 mm(15.7inch), Weight : Approx. 200g(7.1oz)
  • Blade is made from Powdered HSS R2 Sandwiched by Soft Stainless Steel, About HRC63
  • Double Bevel and Available for both Right Hander and Left Hander, Made in Japan
  • Stone Size : 200mm(7.9inch)×75mm(3.0inch)×30mm(1.2inch), Weight : 800g(28.2oz)
  • #1000 grit, Made in Japan. Good for Powdered High Speed Steel and Aogami Super Steel Kitchen Knife
Item no. 4573200700866