Yanagiba (Sashimi Knife) High carbon stainless steel

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  • 定價 US$73.00

  • Made in Japan! Handle : Japanese Style made of Tree!
  • Edge of Blade : High carbon Stainless Steel! Cut Well and Resistant to Rust! Good for making Sashimi!
  • Made by Japanese Craftsmen!
  • Single Bevel : For Right Hander


Blade Length : about 210mm(8.3inch), Length : about 340mm(13.4inch), Weight : about 130g(4.6oz)



Blade Length : about 240mm(9.4inch), Length : about 370mm(14.6inch), Weight : about 165g(5.8oz)



Blade Length : about 270mm(10.6inch), Length : about 415mm(16.3inch), Weight : about 200g(7oz)