"SAKAI MOTOKANE" Usuba Kitchen Knife for Right Hander, with sheath, Shirogami steel

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  • 定價 US$310.00

Made in Japan !(at that famous Sakai) Handmade by Sakai Craftsman ! For professional chef.

Single Bevel,For Right Hander(KATABA).

Thin Blade:Good for Cutting Vegetables !

Blade Edge:Shirogami steel no2.With wooden sheath.


Blade Length:about 180mm(7inch),Weight:about 186g(6.6oz)

Item no. 4580149741416


Blade Length:about 195mm(7.7inch),Weight:about 228g(8oz)

Item no. 4580149741423


Blade Length:about 210mm(8.3inch),Weight:about 273g(9.6oz)

Item no. 4580149741454