'SAHO' Japanese Thread Cutting Scissors (Naga-Ha Nigiri)120mm(4.7"), for Right Hander - Handmade

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  • Whole Length : Approx. 120mm(4.7inch), Blade Length : Approx. 52mm(2.0inch), Weight : Approx. 35g(1.2oz)
  • For Right Hander
  • This scissors are used for cutting thread.
  • Banshu Hamono(Banshu Hamono has been inherited since Edo era.(1603-1868))
  • Blade Material: Carbon steel

Japanese Nigiri are scissors in their most typical form.  This is the highest grade Nigiri of Craftsmen handmade. Sharpness is also very good. Handle is wrapped in brass line, and is given to finish the chrome plating. It is hard to rust, and keeps the beauty.Hand is hard to slip.

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