"SAHO" Hedge/Gardening Shears 300mm(11.8"), with Short Wooden Handle, Aogami Steel, Japan

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars (link)
  • Whole Length : 700mm(27.6inch), Handle Length 330mm(13.0inch)
  • Length of a cutting blade : 280mm(11.0inch), Weight : 960g(33.9oz)
  • Edge of blade material : Aogami steel No2(Blue steel), Handle material : Wood
  • Made in Japan! Handmade by Japanese Craftsmen
  • Usage: Gardening, Bonsai(Raising dwarf trees), Ueki, Pruning, Trimming

The shears have thin, razor-sharp blades. The "Aogami steel No2" is a superlative steel for professional shears. so it is extremely sharp and sharpness last longer. However,it gets rust easily so it needs maintenance. Not suitable for cutting thick branches.  -How to care- After use, please wipe the resin or something on the shears with a dry cloth.  We recommend that you apply a light coat of oil (like Camellia Oil) over whole length of the blade to prevent blades from rusting and humidity.

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