Pruning Shears HASAMI-MASAMUNE, Aogami Steel, for RighthHander From Japan

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  • Blade Material : Aogami Steel, Sharp and Cut Well!
  • Japanese Craftman Handmade. For Right Hander
  • For Pruning !


Aogami Steel is a superlative steel for professional knives. so it is extremely sharp and sharpness last longer.



Total Length : about 195mm(7.7inch), Blade Length : about 60mm(2.4inch), Weight : about 220g(7.8oz)



Total Length : about 215mm(8.5inch), Blade Length : about 90mm(3.5inch), Weight : about 270g(9.5oz)



Total Length : about 245mm(9.6inch), Blade Length : about 120mm(4.7inch), Weight : about 275g(9.7oz)