"NEW MINAMOTO MITSUKANE" Gyuto (Chefs Knife), Mono-Steel

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  • 定價 US$68.00

  • Blade Material : SK, Mono-Steel (A Mono-Steel Knife gathers rust. But It is easy to sharpen and cuts well.)
  • Double Bevel and Available for both Right Hander and Left Hander
  • Made in Japan
  • Photo is 210mm size




 Blade Length : approximately 210mm(8.3inch)

Whole Length : approximately 340mm(13.4inch), Weight 165g(5.8oz)

Item no. 4573200713859


 Blade Length : approx 240mm(9.4inch)

Whole Length : approx 370mm(14.6inch) ,Weight:210g(7.4oz)

Item no. 4573200713866