HONMAMON Japanese Hatchet Knife (Aogami Steel) with Synthetic Leather Case

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★★ Two HONMAMON Stars (link)
  • Edge of Blade : The famous "Aogami Steel"(Blue Steel) No.2, Hardness :around HRC61 +/- 1, Cuts so Well!
  • for Outdoor Activities - Hunting, Climbing, Camping, Angling
  • With Synthetic Leather Case
  • As the hatchets are handmade, they have individual differences in the curve of the blade edge or appearance (e.g. pattern of the blade)


Blade Length : 120mm(abt 4.7 inch), Total Length : 240mm(abt 9.4 inch), Total Length (including the sheath) : 265mm(abt 10.4 inch)


Blade Length : 180mm(abt 7.1 inch), Total Length : 310mm(abt 12.2 inch), Total Length (including the sheath) : 335mm(abt 13.2 inch)


Blade Length : 210mm(abt 8.3 inch), Total Length : 340mm(abt 13.4 inch), Total Length (including the sheath) : 370mm(abt 14.6 inch)