"HONMAMON" Kitchen Knife Stainless Steel for KIDS

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    For your Kids! 
  • Length (Blade) : Approx.130 mm(5.1inch), Length : Approx. 245 mm(9.6inch), Weight : Approx. 86g(3.0oz)
  • Blade material: Molybdenum Vanadium Stainless Steel
  • Double bevel
  • Made in Japan ! Safe and Hygienic!
  • Important to let your children learn how to use Kitchen Knife!


Taking the safety into consideration, the pointed tip and chin has been cut in order not to be hurt by them. It can be safely used by children and elderly persons, and it can be used also as a petty knife. The handle is made slender so that even a child can grasp it with its small hand. The width of handle is about 2cm.)

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