"HANAKUMAGAWA” One Hand Pruning Shears, Single Blade Edged, Handle without Hand Guard , 270mm

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars (link)

Made in Japan!

  • Handmade by Japanese Craftsmen with Traditional Japanese Techniques!
  • Whole Length : about 270mm(10.6inch), Blade Length : about 120mm(4.7inch), Weight : about 290g(10.2oz)
  • Whole Blade Tempered, Cut Well and Tough!
  • One Hand Pruning Shears. Usage for ueki, gardening, trimming
  • For Right-Handed


The one and only scissors. Because it's all made by the artisans of Ono City, Hyogo prefecture by hand.

The blade of these hand pruners has a steeper curve. The tip of the blade is thinner while the bottom of the blade is thicker, which makes it perfect to cut a bigger branch of the fruit trees and other garden trees. There is a spring between the handles so they open up widely. It is also curved which makes it easy to grip. There is a variety of hand pruners, in different sizes, some in stainless, and some for the left-handed. Additionally, there are two shapes: Type A and Type B. Type A has a thinner blade than Type B so it requires less power to cut. Type B has a thicker blade and more durable and heavy-duty than Type A. Type B is recommended for frequent users. 
By sharpening regularly, the product lasts for a long time. But do not sharpen the back edge , please sharpen the front edge only and do not use the hand pruners to cut metal as it may result in a chipped blade.

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