"HANAKUMAGAWA" One Hand Pruning Shears, Handle Hand Guard, The Whole Length : 270mm(abt 10.6") Standard Size

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars (link)
  • Made in Japan!
  • Handmade by Japanese Craftsmen with Traditional Japanese Techniques!
  • Whole Blade Tempered, Cut Well and Tough!
  • One Hand Pruning Shears. Usage for ueki, gardening, trimming.
  • Whole Length: about 270mm(10.6inch), Blade Length: about 115mm(4.5inch), Weight: about 320g(11.3oz)
  • For Right-Handed
  • Coming with one Replacement Spring

The one and only scissors. Because it's all made by the artisans of Ono City, Hyogo prefecture by hand.

The blade of these hand pruners has a steeper curve. The tip of the blade is thinner while the bottom of the blade is thicker, which makes it perfect to cut a bigger branch of the fruit trees and other garden trees. There is a spring between the handles so they open up widely. It is also curved which makes it easy to grip. There is a variety of hand pruners, in different sizes, some in stainless, and some for the left-handed. Additionally, there are two shapes: Type A and Type B. Type A has a thinner blade than Type B so it requires less power to cut. Type B has a thicker blade and more durable and heavy-duty than Type A. Type B is recommended for frequent users. 
By sharpening regularly, the product lasts for a long time. But do not sharpen the back edge , please sharpen the front edge only and do not use the hand pruners to cut metal as it may result in a chipped blade.

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